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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A little white for summer and some red because I can

Sorry for the lack of video of this post, but hopefully the pictures and me talking about the wine will help inspire a little exploration and some enjoyment on your part.

So, we start with the white. For anyone on the east coast, especially DC, then you experienced a March like we have not seen in some time. There has not been a March that I remember recently that has seen 80 degrees, and an 80 that was honestly the prefect day. The coats are being but away, and the summer clothing, tans, and for me, freckles, are coming out. It made you feel like a west coaster, with the addition of the Capital Building in the back ground.

Given the crazy, and amazing weather, it makes sense to start the night with a glass of white. Now, you know I love bubbles, but I thought that white would be the best way to ring in the summer. So I began with a small wine from Cotes de Gascogne, a region also known for cognac.

This wine is not a complicated wine. You will not drink this and be blown away by the layers of flavor and intricate qualities of it. And yet, is that what you want when the weather gets warm? Summer is about thinking about being outside and enjoy the company you keep, not about the subtile peach flavors in your wines. This blend of Uni Blanc and Colombard will certainly hep you check two wines of your "Century Club" list, but not a wine that screams complexity. If you are a Sauv Blanc lover, then you will be crazy over this wine. It is bright, fresh, and slightly fruit forward, without any crazy sugar or grassy tones. Just good, simple wine.

After cooling down with the Domaine de Pouy, it was time to enjoy something a little more cerebral. For that, I reached into the cellar for a 2004 Tenuta L'Illuminata Barolo. On the outset, this wine was like drinking a Sour Patch Kid without the sugar. There were super sour fruits, super light tannins, and extreme acids. But, I continued to drink the glass while I was writing this. I am glad I did. It opened like the promises of spring that the weather brought today. The fruits brightened into sweet fruit, the tannins gipped and let you know they were there, and the acids chilled out. It balanced in a way that made this glass of wine the perfect to end the night on a high note. It lulls you into relaxation and comfort, almost like snug blanket that you burrow in on a Sunday. 

Hopefully some more stimulating visuals soon, but until then...Happy Sipping!!!!!

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