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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A little Oregon time

Well, its time to talk a little about one of my favorite places for wine: Oregon. Until recently, it was largely overlooked by wine lovers as a wine region to get good wine from. However, the secret is out and people are looking to Oregon for both great values over their California counterparts and some killer wine. Sineann is a great example of some of that insane wine. 

Sineann (pronounced Shi - Nane) is run by Peter Rosback. He is a down to earth kind of guy in all senses of the word. His wines express the sense of place to a point that they are all extremely unique from the other. From pinots, blends, whites and desserts, they all show something different and pretty damn cool. Each wine has a label as unique as the wine itself, all designed by Peter's wife.  Another amazing thing is that they have no corks. They have glass stoppers in all of their wines. They are a German closure that is supposed to rival that of the screw top in terms of seal and aging ability, while not using cork. Kinda cool and reusable!

This particular wine is the Schindler Vineyard pinot noir from Willamette. This wine has a little age to it and has seen some oak. This oak helps give the wine some spice that helps balance out the lush and bright red berries in this wine. It is a delicious wine to pair with light dishes and also for just sipping away on a great day. Grab a few of their wines to see the difference in how they are made and how good they really are. 

Here is their site: Sineann

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