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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sandrone "Valmaggiore" Nebbiolo

It is time for a Nebbiolo of  different kind. For those new to the grape, nebbiolo is mostly grown in the northwestern region of Piedmont. It is known as one of the "noble" grapes of Italy, mainly because of the amazing wines that are made from it in the subregions of Barolo and Barbaresco. These two wines are extremely sought after and normally also come with a hefty price tag. However, these are not the only regions to produce nebbiolo. The one today is from Alba.
Sandrone, who is also known for their Barolo (most notable being the Cannubi), makes this 100% nebbiolo and ages it in new oak. The "Valmaggiore" is the wine they produce to give people an idea of what their nebbiolo will be like from year to year. They don't age it quite as long as they do their Barolo, making this a much more approachable and drinkable wine right now. It is ripe with fruits like dark cherry and plumbs, has a great rustic quality on both the nose and palate (in other words, it does smell kind of like dirty, but in the best way possible), and the tannins to have some grip, making the wine slightly chewy. However, all of those things combine to make a very drinkable wine, with or without food. So if you have ever wondered what Barolo and Barbaresco are like, this would be a good introduction for you to see if it is something you like. Happy Sippin'!

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