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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Chianti of a different kind

So tonight, something super cool. While making pasta, I decided to snag a bottle out of the cellar and unwind. Tonight, it was a Chianti. Now, you might think "Chianti...super cool...not so much". However, this is not your typical chianti. This is from a specific region in Tuscany named Colli Fiorentini. Colli Fiorentini is one of the rival sub regions of Chianti Classico, both located in the larger DOCG of Chianti (and people wonder why Italian wines are confusing...). One of the best parts about this region is the fact that it is close to Florence, marked by the "Firenze" on the bottle. Instead of the black rooster that is used to represent Chianti Classico, Colli Fiorentini is represented by a black lion with a glass of wine, as seen above. One of the top wine makers of the region is famous for saying that "one day, the black lion will eat the black rooster, and the whole world will know of Colli Fiorentini". Gotta love that kind of confidence.

With Fattoria di Lucignano, they might be a lot closer than one might think. This wine is lush with bright berries, plums, light baking spices from from oak aging, and the acids and tannins are soft and give it just enough complexity to leave you wanting more. Seek one of these out to see how cool this region is.

Here is a bit more information on this wine: Fattoria di Lucignano

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