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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Litte Beer....but its kinda like wine

Many times, people ask me "if I am to buy a sommelier a glass of wine, what should I get them?" I often reply with something like a beer or a nice sipping bourbon (obviously my tastes). I say this, because as a sommelier, it is had to turn off your brain and enjoy a glass of wine at times. This way, we are at least thinking about something that we con't think about all day. The flavors are different, the way you taste is slightly different, and you expand your palate with something new. This is not to say that sommeliers don't like wine, it is simply saying that, this way, you worry a little less about impressing them and about getting to know them. Thus was the case with the Sam Adams Infinium.

I had been eyeing this beer for some time for a few reasons. The brewery compares this beer to champagne a lot, and there is nothing better than a nice refreshing glass of bubbles. So, when I finally tried it, I was actually amazed at how right they were. Many of the flavors are very similar to a growers champagne; apple, bright lemon, yeast. However, with addition of hops, the beer becomes something completely different. It is a perfect summery beer to enjoy, not one for sitting on the back porch and knocking back like water (which is not the worst thing with the DC humidity). A slight bit of banana on the palate and smoke make this beer linger for a while and in continues to evolve on the palate.

I know I am not quite as elegant talking about beer as I am about wine, but I couldn't pass up the chance to talk a little about something that bridges the world as interestingly and closely as this beer does...

Sam Adams Infinium

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