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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I am drinking now

Lafond Pinot (Santa Rita Hills, CA 2008) while watching moneyball on a wonderful night off. This is one happy Somm!

For the wine lovers, seekers, geeks, and others, here is a link for the wine's tech sheet. For me, it was a pretty lush Pinot, screaming with red berries and spice, with some cool smokey qualities on the back end. Lafond Pinot

For you movie buffs, the link for the movie will follow. This is not your usual sports movie, and I was ok with that. While some Disney movies are certainly entertaining and tell some great stories (Miracle being one of them), this is more about the struggle of a man, not the team. Definitely a movie to watch. On DVD and On Demand Moneyball

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